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dreamstime_xs_2158593I invite you to give yourself the gift of financial empowerment by signing up for personal financial coaching with me. When you take charge of your money, you really do take charge of your life!

I’ve been coaching people for 17 years. It fills my heart and spirit to witness another stepping (with both feet) into their financial power.

I’ve developed a unique process that addresses your core money issues and creates lasting change. We focus on achieving your specific financial goals and I offer customized support to you all along the way.


Our work is on closing the gap between where you currently are (what’s keeping you stuck) and where you want to be in your life financially. I shine light on areas keeping you from the success you desire deep down.

Together, we move through obstacles, have fun creating new mindset shifts, and this inner work will create a new outward picture for you.


Clients describe my approach as that of a velvet hammer or a tenderness with a firm resolve. I am committed to support you in reaching your goals and I am honest in what I see as the obstacles getting in your way to success and I am direct. That being said, my delivery is gentle, loving and caring.

I am both linear and creative (a good blend of left and right brain) in how I think about money/life solutions. It is easy for me to live in both the “big picture vision” of what you want to create while having a direct pulse on the “details” of what is needed to reach that big picture.

My style is conversational, collaborative, and fun.

I value the dollars you are spending with me. I want you to reach your desired outcomes and spread your wings and fly!


The Practical…The nuts and bolts of how to create financial clarity and financial literacy in your life along with financial tools that allow you to know exactly how money flows in your life.

The Psychological…Your psychological portfolio (beliefs, emotions, mind-sets) creates your financial portfolio (savings, debt, wealth). We work on creating congruency and integrity between the two.

The Spiritual…Our true needs and happiness aren’t funded by money. They are funded by connection, love, and freedom. We examine how your dollars nourish your deepest desires and tap into the true prosperity that already lives inside of you (it’s just sometimes hidden).



In my heart, I hold for you, the qualities of hope and the belief in what is possible. One of my greatest gifts is holding sacred space for your financial transformation while providing fun and inspiration along the way! Sacred space is a space of hope and possibility filled with understanding and compassion (there is no room in this process for judging and shaming).

I have a great track record of helping people achieve their desired results and maintaining and growing those results.

I am efficient. I easily zero in on what is standing in your way, tap into what motivates you, and get you going on creating the life you desire.

I have transformed my own money life + continue to work on understanding the complex unconscious processes at play .

I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Certification in Financial Counseling

I walk my talk and live a life of integrity.

My approach is holistic and our work is “core” work. Your financial transformation will spread to other areas of your life as well, bringing luminosity to more than your money life!


Peace, Control and Freedom…that is it in a nutshell. One of your biggest benefits by engaging in the coaching process is taking forward movement to reach your unique definition of financial success and financial freedom.


I believe in a coaching process that creates lasting permanent change (which is more cost effective) rather than a temporary instant band-aid fix. Your financial situation most likely didn’t get created over-night and it is important for you to know that it won’t change overnight. I am not a “quick-fix” coach.

Because it takes time to change behaviors (ways of thinking and habits of doing) I see my clients usually between 6 months to one year in length. In the beginning of our coaching relationship, our sessions are usually twice a month. Once you are well on your way (which usually happens in 3-4 months), we decrease sessions to once a month. Together, we evaluate session frequency in an ongoing way. I want to make sure you have the support you need to create lasting change and experience success.

If your next step is an action step to move forward in changing your financial picture, I welcome working with you. Please complete the coaching application below. I want to make sure your need matches with the services I offer.

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