“Money is a Portal, Inviting Us to Step Into Greater Consciousness Through the Doorway of Self Awareness”

arched-stairwayWe all live in unconscious blind-spots in different areas of our lives…until the gift of pain or struggle opens us to a different way of being. This is often true with our money lives. Our personal money stories + the innocent beliefs we hold to be true about money, often keep us stuck in circling patterns of sameness, frustration and inadequacy. Layer on top of that, a lack of know how to talk about money, or creating practices that bring control back into our lives.

I want you to know, whatever your current money picture, you can open yourself to create a new story with money (inside + out) and shift to a space of opening to abundance in your life! Inner work = Outer results!


(See if Anything sounds familiar here?)

these are examples of patterns of struggle that keep us stuck

  • You’re a high earner with no savings, money doesn’t stick to you
  • Living on the edge, paycheck to paycheck, pumping adrenaline
  • Married, money is the elephant in the room, can’t get on the same page, dulls relationship
  • Prince Charming, credit cards, robbing Peter to pay Paul strategies
    are all worn out
  • Put your head on your pillow at night worrying about money,
    increasing anxiety
  • Repeated patterns (same dance different day) of “feast or famine,” “in-debt | out-of-debt” cycles
  • Scared to look at “what is.”
  • Living in the energy of fear, insecurity, overwhelm and shame

Where Are You Blocking Financial Flow?

Do the Money | Energy | Chakra Assessment

Money is Energy. It comes in and it goes out. Some people have earning blocks while others are great earners but can’t seem to keep money in their orbit all that long. Answering these questions will give you clues to where your blocks are.

Crown: Am I connected to Source Energy and open to all forms of abundance unfolding in my life? Solar: How am I bringing the qualities of respect & stewardship to the precious resources of my time, energy & money?
Eye: Am I in alignment with my inspired vision? What is my vision? Sacral: How am I bringing the energy of passion, connection, and creativity to my financial life?
Throat: Am I earning to my potential? Do I ask for what I want and need? Root: What beliefs are ruling my relationship with money? Are they rooted in prosperity or lack consciousness?
Heart: Am I balanced in the flow of giving and receiving? How so?

BLOCK |  Interruption of flow

  • A halting or impeding of progress or movement
  • An obstruction
  • A psychological barrier preventing progress in thought